How To See Saved LOGIN ID Or Password On Android Phones, using Sqli Editor

Learn how to reveal or show hidden or saved LOGIN ID or password from your android device. If you ever forget your ID or your password from your android phone, then don't worry i m gonna tell you a easy trick which can reveals your Saved or hidden LOGIN ID or Password from your browser on android phone.

SQLI EDITOR is my favorite app for rooted android phones, which is generally used for edit database on android phones. but if you know each and every system of your android phone. You can do amazing things, using sqli editor, but sqli editor works only in rooted android phones. so if you want to use this awesome app then you should to root your android phone.

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    Requirements to reveal your saved password

  • Your android phone must be rooted (this is most important), If its not then first you have to root your android phone.
  • If install Blocked then go to your settings> security> tick on unknown sources.

How To Reveal Hidden Password On Android

To reveal your your saved password on your android phone follow these steps:

Step 1.

Download and install SQLI EDITOR from above link, If its showing install blocked then go to your settings> security> tick on Unknown sources, that's it!

Step 2.

Open SQLI EDITOR and wait for a second until its loading all applications, now search your target browser, if using stock browser then search for "" then open it.

Step 3.

After selecting your target browser, search for "WEBVIEW.DB" 


Step 4.

That's it! now Hit on password!, now you can properly see a list of all of your LOGIN ID and Password.



Note: I do not encourage hacking, this is for general information only, don't misuse this trick to get someone's password.

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