How To Fix NVRAM WARNING: Err= 0×10 In Micromax Unite 2 A106 Using Root Browser

Learn Easiest To Fix NVRAM WARNING: Err= 0×10 In Micromax Unite 2 A106 Using Root Browser, actully NVRAM WARNING: Err= 0×10 is not a serious or big problem but it occurs in micromax unite 2 after flashing Stock ROM via Sp flash Tool, if you also facing this problem in your unite 2 and if you find this is annoying then don't worry I am going to tell you the easiest way to fix NVRAM WARNING: Err= 0×10 using Root Browser.

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NVRAM WARNING Err 0×10 In Micromax Unite 2 A106

"NVRAM WARNING: Err= 0×10" sometimes this occuurs in Micromax Unite 2 after flashing stock ROM via sp flash tool, we are here to solve this problem easily with Root browser/Explorer app. Root browser is an amazing app which is used as file explorer in android devices, with root browser we can unzip any zip file or we can directly open any zip file. also we can browse all the android system as a file browser, but root browser requires root access so that if you want to use this app, it is compulsory i.e. your android phone should be rooted to fix NVRAM WARNING: Err= 0×10.

Why To Choose Root Browser For Fixing NVRAM WARNING: Err= 0×10

  • It is easiest way to fix this problem
  • In this method there is no need of PC, so its a without PC method, you can directly fix your unite 2 with a app (Root browser)
  • To fix NVRAM WARNING: Err= 0×10 problem using root browser/explorer is 100% working solution
  • In tis process you can fix NVRAM WARNING: Err= 0×10 in just 2 minutes it will save your time

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Requirements For Fixing NVRAM WARNING: Err= 0×10 In Unite 2

To Fix this wifi problem from unite 2 you have to need these following requirements:

  • "Unknown sources" must be enabled in your unite 2, if Install Blocked, then go to your settings>> Security>> check on "Unknown Sources"
  • Download - "Wifi Fix File" and extract it, after extracting you will get two files- WIFI and WIFI_CUSTOM.

How To Fix NVRAM WARNING: Err= 0×10 In Micromax Unite 2 A106

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Fixing NVRAM WARNING: Err= 0×10 from unite 2 is very easy, follow my steps carefully:


  1. To use this method your phone must be rooted, so that if your phone is rooted then its good, if not not then try to root your phone,  (How To Root Any Android Device Without PC)
  2. after successfully rooting download Root Browser, 
  3. open Root Browser and grant superuser permission.


  1. Now switch to Root Browser and go to data>> nvram>> APCFG>> APRDEB
  2. Find WIFI and WIFI_CUSTOM and delete both in APRDEB folder, if its not there then ignore it



  1. Download Wifi Fix File and extract it,
  2. you will get two files- WIFI and WIFI_CUSTOM after extracting it, Copy both files with Root Browser and paste it on "APRDEB" folder (data>> nvram>> APCFG>> APRDEB)
  3. after pasting WIFI and WIFI_CUSTOM files, long press (touch) on WIFI and WIFI_CUSTOM one by one and find "Permission" option


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Now this is very important, so read carefully, In "Permission" option you have to check boxes for only "Owner" and "Group">> "Read" and "Write" and leave unchecked remain boxes for "Others" and "Execute" and after it click on "OK." you have to do this same with WIFI and WIFI_CUSTOM both files, make sure you have check all boxes like below screenshot


Now you have susseccfully fixed your NVRAM WARNING: Err= 0×10 In Micromax Unite 2 A106, if you are still facing any problem with this tutorial or any other problems for Unite 2 or any android Phone, then say your problem in comment, I'll try to help you. 


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