How To Fix Bricked Samsung Galaxy J3/Unroot/Flash Stock ROM (DOWNLOAD)

Learn How to Flash Stock ROM in Samsung Galaxy J3 or How to fix bricked Galaxy J3: If You have a Samsung Galaxy J3 and if you are facing any problem like your galaxy J3 is Bricked, stuck at the Samsung Logo, Galaxy J3 gets blank out screen, custom binary blocked by frp or fap J3 is not starting or Bootloop problem, also if your J3 is rooted and you want to Unroot your Galaxy J3 or any of problem is happening with your Samsung Galaxy J3 then don't worry about your Bricked Galaxy J3, here you will get all in one complete solution for your Samsung Galaxy J3, you can easily fix your J3 by simply Flashing Stock ROM in Samsung Galaxy J3.



Samsung Galaxy J3

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    Samsung Galaxy J3

Samsung Galaxy J3 is entire range smartphone, it comes with very good and attractive features like 5 inches screen, 720 × 1280 resolutions, works on android version 5.1 lollipop, 1.5 GB RAM, primary camera- 8 MP and Secondary camera- 5 MP, 2600 mah battery. and it comes with Dual Sim 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi also.


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    All In One Solution:Fix & Flashing Stock ROM In Samsung Galaxy J3

You can solve the any of  Problems about your Galaxy J3, By simply Flashing Stock ROM in Samsung Galaxy J3, some of problems I've listed below, which you can solve easily by just flashing ROM:

  • If your Samsung Galaxy J3 is not starting
  • If your Samsung Galaxy J3 stucks at blank out screen only
  • If your Samsung Galaxy J3 stucks at Samsung Logo
  • If your Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro showing custom binary blocked by frp or fap.
  • You can Unroot your Samsung Galaxy J3, and again get its warranty officially.
  • If your Samsung Galaxy J3 Stucks at Bootloop.
  • If you don't have a backup of your Stock ROM and you've already installed a custom ROM in your Samsung Galaxy J3, and want to revert it back into your original condition, just Flash Stock ROM.

According to me flashing ROM in any device is a best trick to comeback android again in its original condition, which make feels you like you've purchase your phone after flashing stock ROM. and the best advantage is that if you've rooted your phone, then its common you had lost your warranty, and after flashing Stock ROM you can get your phone's warranty back officially.

Warning:- This tutorial is only for Samsung Galaxy J3, don't try this tutorial for flashing ROM in other android phones.  



    Requirements For Flashing Stock ROM In Samsung Galaxy J3

Before going for flashing Stock ROM in Samsung Galaxy J3, you've need some requirements, that I've Listed below:

  • A PC or Laptop
  • Make sure your phone's battery is charged at least 50%
  • Enable USB Debugging- Go to your settings> about phone> find Build number and tap it 4-7 times until its show you a message "Now You've a Developer Option". Now go to your settings> developer options> Tick on USB Debugging. (If your phone is not bricked, otherwise leave this option)
  • Make a full Backup of all your apps and important data, because flashing ROM can erase everything from your Phone's memory. (If your phone is not bricked, otherwise leave this option)
  • Download Odin Flashing Tool From Here- Odin 3.09 (this is a zip file, first extract it to use)
  • Download USB Driver for Samsung Galaxy J3 - USB driver  (this is a zip file, first extract it to use)
  • Download Stock ROM for your Samsung Galaxy J3, check your model and download Stock ROM from here I've listed below:
Samsung Galaxy J3 SM-J320FSamsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320F ORX J320FXXU0APB8 - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320F CAU J320FXXU0APB8 - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320F ETL J320FXXU0APB8 - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320F XEO J320FXXU0APB8 - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320F EUR J320FXXU0APB8 - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320F SER J320FXXU0APB8 - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320F MID J320FXXU0APB7 - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320F MWD J320FXXU0APB7 - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320F TUR J320FXXU0APB7 - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320F MTZ J320FXXU0APB7 - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320F XFU J320FXXU0APB7 - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320F TUN J320FXXU0APB3 - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320F KSA J320FXXU0APB3 - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320F THR J320FXXU0APB3 - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320F LYS J320FXXU0APA8 - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320F XSG J320FXXU0APA8 - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320F BTC J320FXXU0APA8 - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320F AFR J320FXXU0APA8 - Download

Samsung Galaxy J3 SM-J320H

Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320H XXV J320HXXU0APBB - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320H XXV J320HXXU0APB8 - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320H MYM J320HXXU0APB8 - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320H ACR J320HXXU0APB7 - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320H EGY J320HXXU0APB7 - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320H ECT J320HXXU0APB7 - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320H KSA J320HXXU0APB7 - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320H AFR J320HXXU0APB7 - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320H MTZ J320HXXU0APB7 - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320H MRU J320HXXU0APB7 - Download
Samsung Galaxy J3: SM-J320H XXV J320HXXU0APA8 - Download

 Make sure you've check all the above requirements that I've listed, all the downloads- Odin, USB Drivers and Firmware(Stock ROM) comes with in a zip format you have to extract all the files before using.
you can extract these files with 7Zip, if you don't have 7Zip then download it from here.

    How To Fix & Flash Stock ROM In Samsung Galaxy J3

For flashing firmware in Samsung Galaxy J3, check once again the requirements, if you've done then go further and follow carefully the given steps:

After installing USB Drivers in your PC or Laptop, Reboot your Samsung Galaxy J3 into Download mode by pressing Home button + Power Button + Volume Down key at a same time for 3-4 seconds until its goes to Download mode, and select continue for flashing process:
Download Mode - Samsung Galaxy J3
Now Open Odin.****.exe and after reboot your device in download mode connect it with your PC with help of a data cable, after connecting Odin will indicate you a message "Added" and ID: COM port on Odin will turn Blue or Yellow depending on Odin's version, that also means Odin tool is ready for flashing firmware.
Now Click on AP or PDA for selecting your firmware that is in .tar or .tar.md5 extension, simply select it and now click on start option on Odin, and leave all settings remain, you have to check only "Auto Reboot" and "F. Reset Time" and leave all settings unchecked, after clicking on start button your flashing process will be start and it takes 5-7 minutes, and when its completed, it will indicate a message PASS on Odin, your device will be automatically Reboot and restart in few minutes, keep patience and do not unplug before its complete, check in below image:
In case, If you got a multi firmware like AP, BL, CP, CSC and .PIT files, then while flashing select all your components one by one and also .PIT file if you have to flash a multi firmware , Check only Re- Partition and F. Reset Time and leave all settings unchecked, now click on start and until your flashing completed. see image in below:

    Fixing Boot loop Problem After Flashing Firmware

In some cases, your device might stuck in Boot loop problem, to solve this simply reboot your device into recovery mode by pressing Power + Home + Volume UP and do a wipe data/factory reset, and reboot your device, it will start properly and all problems are now solved! congratulations! you've successfully installed Stock ROM in your Samsung Galaxy J3.
Recovery Mode- Samsung Galaxy J3

    Problems While Flashing Stock ROM In Samsung Galaxy J3 Via Odin

I've listed some common problems while flashing Stock ROM in Samsung Galaxy J3, so if you are facing any problem, check it double, and try again:
  • If you don't install Samsung USB Driver properly
  • lose or Duplicate Data Cable
  • Wrong firmware, which means you are not using compatible firmware for your device
  • Check only Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time and leave all boxes unchecked for single firmware, and for multi firmware- check Re- Partition and F. Reset Time and leave all boxes unchecked.
  • How To Root And Install Custom Recovery In Samsung Galaxy J3 (CWM)

[[Note= Sometimes Flashing Stock ROM Might Soft-Brick Your Device, Do At Your Own Risk! I'll Be Not Responsible For Your Soft-Bricked Android]]  




Thanks for reading, the post was about How to flash stock ROM in Samsung galaxy J3 to fix any of problem like Bootloop, blank out screen, or if  you want to Unroot your phone and get Warranty officially in your Samsung Galaxy J3. If you are still struggling about your Galaxy J3, then you can ask questions in comment about flashing ROM in Galaxy J3.


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