How Good Web Hosting Helps In Your SEO

Don’t get us wrong, but a web hosting package from ‘X’ company will not give you a boost in Google search rankings. It is quite possible, but not a guarantee. What a good web hosting package from a good web hosting company will do however is help and support your SEO efforts. In this post you will going to know about how good web hosting helps in your SEO.

How Good Web Hosting Helps In Your SEO

How Good Web Hosting Helps In Your SEO

5 Ways How Good Web Hosting Will Help In Your SEO Efforts:

    1. Website speed

A study this year by found that almost 50% of web visitors expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less.  A website that takes too long to load will increase visitor bounce rate, leading to a drop in your search rankings.

How can you increase the speed of your website with good web hosting?

  • The location of your web server- Find out where your web hosting company’s servers are located.If your business serves customers located in a certain geographic territory, than having your website hosted in a server located closest to that territory will lead to a faster delivery of your website to online visitors from that same geographic location.
  • Caching- Look for web hosting companies that offer advanced caching technologies such as Varnish Caching. Varnish Caching is a Web Application Accelerator which helps increase the performance of high traffic websites.
  • CDNs- Content Delivery Networks are networks of servers that save copies of your website’s files,enabling your web pages to be served as fast as possible to users who request them. For example, your website could be hosted in a server in Hong Kong. However, your web hosting company could have cached copies of your web files stored in several CDNs located around the world. If a visitor to your website sends a request for your website from New York, the CDN closest to New York will serve your web pages to your visitor instead of going all the way back to fetch your web files from your web hosting account in Hong Kong.This limits the number of internet hops needed to transmit your files to your website visitor.

Important to note: your web hosting package is not the only factor that can influence the speed of your website. The kind of images you use, etc also play a factor in how fast your website loads.

    2. Website uptime

Server downtime could also ,of course, lose you web traffic and increase the bounce rate of your website, leading to a drop in search rankings.

A good web hosting company will guarantee at least a 99% uptime. However, don’t just go by claims on their website. Read online reviews and testimonials to get a better idea. Research where their servers are located? What kind of data centres are they housed in?

  • CDNs: the CDN technology that we talked about in the point above also helps distribute the load from the main server, reducing the chance of server overload where your main files are located.

    3. Website security

Look for security solutions that come with your web hosting package such as digital certificates and Malware removers to secure your website and ensure you avoid the following issues:

  • Infected websites that attack web visitors - loopholes in your website’s security leave it vulnerable to be attacked by hackers. Search engines are extremely concerned about the security of online customers. Browsers, for example, can identify potentially dangerous websites and visibly alert users of the same. Visitors who see the alert will not want to proceed to your website and this will also lead to a drop in your web traffic.
  • Search engine blacklisting- Failing to secure your website could even lead to a block by search engine. Your website will no longer appear in search results.

    4. Choice of web hosting package

If your website is hosted on a shared hosting server, you are likely to also share the consequences of an overload from other websites on the same server.To ensure your own website’s performance is never affected, use a more robust hosting option such as VPS hosting. Virtual Private Server hosting is a higher, stronger more advanced form of shared hosting where you share a server with other users but are assigned resources that are all yours, ensuring high availability for your web visitors at all times.

 KVM VPS hosting gives a virtual server better isolation & security without compromising on performance.

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    5. Good support

Efficient, 24X7 support will ensure that should you have any issues they are resolved immediately.

We hope we’ve helped you understand the importance of getting the choice of your web hosting company right.


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